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Daytech Recycling Press

Daytech has been building horizontal compact pressing machines for 20 years and has never moved from this design concept as the advantages to the owner and operator are significant.

Available in bagging or strapping models. Suitable for baling plastic, cardboard etc. One of the main advantages of this machine is the vertical loading and ability to fully load the chamber, which is ideal for different types of loose product

Single and 3 phase models are available. Semi auto or fully automatic cycle

What gives Daytech chamber presses the edge over its competition is the ease of loading, low loading height meaning less stress on the operator, large loading box the ability to load the box to capacity on every cycle resulting in less cycles per bale. Quick cycle times: very square, compact bales with even density which enables the owner to save on baling and transporting costs. Hydraulically tipping bottom box. Obstruction free and easy bale ejection. Daytech presses are simple to operate. Fitting new fadges and clipping and branding bales is easier than ever. The obstruction free fitting and tying off of the strapping is done at the rear of the press prior to the bale box being hydraulically lifted and the bale ejected. The baler is very manoeuvarable, easily moved around on its over centre locking wheels. It can be turned on its own axis. The horizontal compact design allows it to fit through doorways with ease. The press can be lifted for transporting by its cental lifting point. All the features make this an all round operator friendly machine.

These machines can be built to the customers requirements. The solid construction and durability of the Daytech press is second to none. The fully filtered hydraulic system ensures long life of components. Weighing systems can be supplied with a basic electronic set up or a data recording system.

Cost Competitive! Daytech wool presses are the best value for money on the market . They incorporate quality materials, components and construction techniques at a very competitive price.


  • Electric motor, single or 3 phase

  • Oil capacity 35 litres

  • Hydraulic oil. 46 grade

  • Base width 1155mm

  • Overall width 1455mm

  • Length pressing position 2320mm

  • Length with bale box up for bale ejection 2650mm

  • Height 1065mm

  • Loading height 850mm

  • Weight 680kg approximately

Recycling Press
Tip product striaght in
Pressing recyclable material
Pressing recyclable material

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