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Multi Wheel Based Trailers

Daytech has invested in quality steel forming and cutting equipment.
This then enables us to build a very strong robust trailer with a reasonable tare weight.

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6 x 2 Metre triple-axle Flat Deck Trailer

Features and Advantages:

For the deck space available and the low deck height, this trailer is a delight to tow in built up areas as it is only 2 meters wide, where other well side trailers push the 2.5 metre limit to get a reasonable deck size.

Our deck height on these trailers is only 10cm higher than a well side trailer.

The triple-axle is definitely a great feature with these longer trailers as through dips and hollows on and off roads they do not drag the rear of the trailer and carry themselves very well. They also tow very well with the draw bar wheel width and other factors make it a dream for towing.

Dual Wheel Based Trailers

With or without a sheep crate or ramps
Hydrolic brakes systems.
Colour Coded sides or hot dipped Galvanised.

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Daytech Trailer

Owner and users of Daytech Flat Deck Trailers enjoy the benefits of a very strong constructed trailer but a balanced Tare Weight.

13" or 14" wheels coupled together with a low desk height makes it more versatile for loading and off loading.

Flat Deck Trailers Features.

  • 2mx3m Deck size plus fold down headboards.
  • Low profile 13" or 14" 8 ply tyres.
  • Hydraulic disk braked front axle.
  • Deck height 600mm or 725mm.
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel.
  • LED multi volt lights.
  • 18mm tread deck.
  • Spare wheel.


2 x 3 Meter Standard Trailer

Daytech standard size trailer is 2 x 3m or 6’6” x 10’ tandem axle, low profile 13” wheels deck height 610mm or 14” wheels deck height 720mm. Hydraulic disc braked front axle, L.E.D. multi volt front marker and tail lights, heavy duty jockey wheel.

These trailers have been sold to a wide range of customers who can see the benefits of a commercial trailer. Being a flat deck trailer loading and unloading many different types of freight is not a problem.


  • Two ton carrying capacity.
  • Deck height 14” wheels – 72cm
  • Deck height 13” wheels – 61cm


  • Galvanised chassis and headboard
  • Painted, zinc coated steel sides, tailgate and headboard insert
  • Fold down headboard
  • 18mm Hardwood ply deck
  • hydraulic disc brakes or electric brakes
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • L.E.D multi volt lights
  • 14 rope hooks
  • Plus 20 ratchet tie down holes
  • Spare wheel comes standard
  • Very strong construction
  • 450kg Tare weight

* Stock crate options available