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Bale Feeder

balefeeder tip

Loading and feeding out on cold winter mornings has got much easier. This self-loading feeder has many features to make the most of your winter feed. 

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Wood Splitters

wood splitter

The Daytech wood splitter is a top quality, powerful, well-constructed machine. If you are in the business of splitting wood or just want a high-quality New Zealand made splitter this machine will not disappoint.

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cricket screens

Small stands, large stands, field equipment, movable screens. Whatever is your need, we have the skills to build it. 

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Stock Loader

Stock Loader

When loading stock with the Daytech Loading Race there is little reason for them to stop. Plenty of cleats on the floor (bolted) and high sides make sure they only go one way – up!

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Tiny House


With our experience in making trailers of all sizes, and with our steel forming equipment, making a tiny house for you is a simple step in the evolution of what we do.

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