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Bale Feeder.

The Daytech Towable Bale Feeder is fast growing a reputation for doing it job very well.
This coupled with an excellent self loading bale system makes daily feeding an easy task.
This Bale Feeder also is available with a square bale rack attachment.

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Bale Feeder

Daytech self-loading tow behind round bale-feeders is used extensively throughout New Zealand. This feed out wagon offers you a machine that does not waste your expensive winter feed and operating on 4 flotation tires creates very little mud as opposed to the mess and wastage of ring and trough feeders. Independently oscillating tandem wheels and wide track make the bale feeder very stable and easy to tow even in wet weather.

The bale chain is engaged through a clutch system enabling the operator to have full control over where and when he wants to feed his/her stock. Simple loading system just back up to the bale, tip the balanced bale cradle and (if feeding out bale-age) cut the top half of the wrap off and insert the loading hooks into the back of the bale.

Winch the bale into the feeder cradle which tips into position remove the hooks and wrap or bale strings. These machines are predominately towed by ATV or UTV but can be towed by other vehicles ie: ute, tractor, pick-up or bucky. It is suitable for feeding out any large round bale of hay, straw, bale-age, and hay-age.

Over 10 years of R&D have been put into this machine and like all our products with minimal maintenance will offer you years of trouble-free operation.


  • Self-loading winch operated balanced tipping cradle.
  • No Tractor needed, simple operation, sturdy construction
  • Covered chain, double wheel drive system.
  • Easy Towing behind an ATV, Ute or Tractor.
  • Zinc and powder coated finish.
  • Independently oscillating tandem wheels providing operator towing comfort.
  • Drawbar stand.
  • No cut-up gateways and paddocks.
  • Feed out whole bales or part.