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What do you need in a Trailer?

What does you trailer need to do?

The triple-axle is definitely a great feature with these longer trailers as through dips and hollows on and off roads, they do not drag the rear of the trailer and carry themselves very well.

They also tow very well with the draw bar wheel width and other factors make it a dream for towing.


Optional Innovative Ramp

Flat Deck Trailer can boasts a revolutionary built-in lowering ramp that makes loading and unloading a breeze.


Tri Axel

Our Multi-Axle Flat Deck Trailer can handle substantial weight and oversized cargo, making it ideal for transporting heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and more.


Deck Space

With an open deck design, your options are limitless. From construction materials and machinery to large equipment and vehicles, you can transport almost anything.



Whether you’re in construction, agriculture, or logistics, this trailer is designed to meet a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. It’s the ultimate workhorse for professionals.

Flat Deck

You Choose

Our Flat Bed Trailers

Double Axel

For the deck space available and the low deck height, this trailer is a delight to tow in built-up areas as it is only 2 meters wide.

Where other well-side trailers push the 2.5-metres limit to get a reasonable deck size. Our deck height on these trailers is only 10cm higher than a well side trailer.

Tripple Axel

6 x 2 Metre triple-axle Flat Deck Trailer

Triple Axel with Ramp

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