Daytech Sheep Conveyors

Drenching, Vaccinating, Pour ons, Mouthing.

Sheep Conveyors

Multi Use Conveyors.

We build conveyors to take the back-breaking work out of sheep handling.

Daytech’s main point of difference is the materials that the machine is manufactured from. The trouble-free plastic conveyor sections require low maintenance and positive drive in all weather.



No more chasing down individual sheep or struggling to administer medications. Load and drench.



Our conveyors can allow you to sort and separate your sheep with incredible precision, making tasks like segregating for shearing or weaning a straightforward process.


Pour Ons

With minimal effort, pour on treatments with ease.



Even while using the Conveyor for other purposes, mouthing is also made easy.


Sheep Conveyors

Sheep Conveyors

1.4m wide, 4m long.
Power draw, 3-5 amps.
Fully sealed electrical system.
Tare weight conveyor only 400kg.
Made to measure to customers specifications.
The conveyor belt is toughened plastic sections linked with stainless steel pins.

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