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With the serious wood splitters job in mind, Daytech has built a strong and robust machine, that will stand the test of time.
The solid work platform enables the whole system to work more efficiently than others. This, in turn, adds to the long life of the machine.

30 ton ram

On a top quality four stroke 9.5 hp engine.


50mm back block

Double skinned main beam.
Sharpened BIS alloy leading edge blade.
Extra thick wear strips, 


Fast cycle time

Two-stage hydraulic pump for speed and power
The 4” x 2.5” cylinder running off ¾ hoses with a return filter.


Large work platform

1,500kg trailer hubs and stubs with 12 inch wheels.


Wood Work

Wood Splitter

  • 30-ton ram.
  • Dished wedge with a sharpened leading edge.
  • 50mm thick back block.
  • Two-stage hydraulic pump with return filter, slight level and oil temperature gauge on the tank.

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