Daytech Presses

Wool, cotton, refuge, hemp, plastics


Need to bale material?

Pressing Machines.

This machine can be used for pressing a range of products: wool, cotton, refuge, plastic or fabric.

The presses’ ease of loading and use are fundamental keys to its widespread use and success.

  • Low loading heights mean less stress for the operator.
  • Large loading box means fewer cycles per bale for greater efficiency.
  • This press is easily pushed around by one person.
  • There are no height issues with doors.
  • Our presses give an even density square bale.
  • We build with high tensile steel and quality components to give years of reliable service.



We have a range of Presses for Wool, Cotton, Refuge, Plastics, Fabrics, Hemp, Wood Chips or Shavings.


Operator Friendly

Front Loading, Top Loading, Shoot Loading.
Fadges or Bales or Bags.


High Compression

Up to 200kg wool Bales.
Useful wood chip bags for equestrian.
Cotton steel bound bales.


Even Density

Create consistent bales.
Choice of press sizes.


Pressing Features

Pressing Machines

  • Horizontal loading.
  • Press has wheels & lifting hitch for easy mobility.
  • Operator friendly.
  • Comes in commercial models.