Daytech Products

We build what you need
We can fabricate what you need.

Towable Bale Feeders. Product Conveyors. Specialized Pressing Machines. And of course Trailers, Wood Splitters, and much more.

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

Designing and delivering the trailer you need, or any other item that comes from our fab shop, is what we pride our selves on.


Need and Budget.
We consult with you on your specific requirements.
From a trailer to a sheep loader we build what works and what gives you value for your money.



We have our standard set of designs developed from over thirty years of getting it right.
We also work with you for any special requirements you might have, from safety to extra strength and storage.



On the finalized design, we manufacture your equipment. Our workshop takes advantage of many 21st-century fabrication processes, from laser cutting to CAD, CAM & CNC.



Before delivery, we conduct a thorough inspection of your trailer or other equipment.  
We deliver throughout New Zealand further afield, from China to India and Australia.

Let’s Build


Flat Deck Trailers

Daytech has invested in quality steel forming and cutting equipment.

This then enables us to build a very strong robust trailer with a reasonable tare weight.


Tipping Flat Deck Trailers

Taking our versatile Flat Deck Trailers we add a lift for ease of tipping materials off.


Tilting Trailers

Large loads on out triple axle trailers are easy to load and unload with their tilting feature.


Wellsided Trailers

With or without a sheep crate or ramps
Hydraulic brake systems.

Colour-coated sides or hot dipped Galvanised.


Specialty Trailers

Equestrian Equipment.

Bike Trialers.

Tool & Equipomemt Trailers

We have been making Specialty Trailers for a range of diverse needs.

Towable Bale Feeders

Feeding out made easier.

Self-loading winch-operated balanced tipping cradle.
Easy Towing behind an ATV, Ute, or Tractor.
Independently oscillating tandem wheels providing operator towing comfort.

Wood Splitters

With the serious wood splitter job in mind, Daytech has built a strong and robust machine that will stand the test of time.

The solid work platform enables the whole system to work more efficiently than others.

This, in turn, adds to the long life of the machine.

Sheep Conveyors

Daytech Engineering has been building sheep conveyors for over ten years now and has had excellent feedback from many satisfied customers.

Stock Loaders

Daytech’s unique scissor lifting system makes this portable loading race extremely stable even when fully extended.

It does well in the following areas: Loading, easy on stock, low maintenance, lower power draw, quiet operation, standard full-length stop/start bar on each side, and low weight, making the unit more manoeuvrable.


Daytech Tubulators offer a low-friction, fast, efficient, contained, self-cleaning, and self-loading system that is easy on the product.

It can move grain, seeds, fertilizers, palm kernels, cement, pellets, onions, flour, small vegetables, wood chips, wood shavings, and other nonabrasive products.


This machine can be used to press a range of products: wool, cotton, refuge, plastic, or fabric.

The press’s ease of loading and use are fundamental keys to its wide use and success.


Our sports fields host our portable stands and score board. 

Make installing goal posts easy.

Transport your equipment any where.