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Well Sided Trailer


What do you need in a Trailer?

Well sided Trailers

2 x 3 Meter Standard Trailer

Daytech standard size trailer is 2 x 3m or 6’6” x 10’ tandem axle, low profile 13” wheels deck height 610mm or 14” wheels deck height 720mm. Hydraulic disc braked front axle, L.E.D. multi-volt front marker and tail lights, heavy duty jockey wheel.

These trailers have been sold to a wide range of customers who can see the benefits of a commercial trailer. Being a flat deck trailer loading and unloading many different types of freight is not a problem.


  • Two-ton carrying capacity.
  • Deck height 14” wheels – 72cm
  • Deck height 13” wheels – 61cm

Load Materials

Our trailers have an open-top design that allows for easy loading and unloading of materials



Incorporate a create directly onto the trailer. Ask us about other accessories.



Hydraulic disc brakes or electric brakes.
Heavy-duty jockey wheel.
L.E.D multi-volt lights.
14 rope hooks.



Multi Axle.
Load capacity of up to 2 tons.
Tie-downs for tarps.
Braking system.

Well Sided

Well Sided Trailers


  • Galvanised chassis and headboard
  • Painted, zinc-coated steel sides, tailgate, and headboard insert
  • Fold down headboard
  • 18mm Hardwood ply deck
  • hydraulic disc brakes or electric brakes
  • Heavy-duty jockey wheel
  • L.E.D multi-volt lights
  • 14 rope hooks
  • Plus 20 ratchet tie-down holes
  • The spare wheel comes standard
  • Very strong construction
  • 450kg Tare weight
    * Stock crate options available

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